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Riding Arena

Arena Usage 

Attention Members, we will have new policies in place for use of the riding arena come 2024. 

We have implemented a new Code Holder Agreement for our Equestrain Users. This nominal fee ($25 individual or $40 family annually) is crucial in supporting the rising costs of maintenance and ensuring the safety of all our members. Fear not, though – equestrian users still have the flexibility of  drop in usage, provided there is no paid booking. Please refer to the Events Calendar to check availability before you come. 

Requirements for Riding Ring Use:


Membership: the code holder is a current individual member of the AAA in good standing.


HCBC: The code holder is a current member of Horse Council of British Columbia.


Access: the code holder only uses the facilities for recreational riding if AAA does not have a sanctioned event planned, or the facilities are not already booked by a customer.


Waiver and Release of Liability: The code holder and their family members using the facilities have signed an AAA acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability Waiver.


Security: The code holder is responsible for reporting lost or stolen locks immediately to AAA.


 Code acquisition fee: The code holder and any of their family members using the facilities under this Agreement will pay the required fee to access the facilities and agree not to share the code with non-members.


 Non-riding AAA members in the arena around horses must have a signed the waiver filed with the office.


Certified coaches receiving renumeration, with 2 or more students are required to make a rental agreement at the office.


Respect the Arena Rules as posted: put away any equipment you set up; lock the arena gates upon leaving, pick up any manure and dispose of as directed; don’t leave garbage or belongings; respect other users.


All riders/handlers use at own risk.

Juniors must wear helmets at all times while mounted.

Juniors must have supervision while gaming or jumping.

Keep gates and stall doors closed.

Do not sit on fence!

Put away any equipment you take out of the equipment shed. Please roll barrels to the corner of the Arena. 

Clean up after your horse in rings and lawn areas, Leave the ring as you found it; clean up any debris.

Use garbage and recycling containers provided.

Obey any posted parking signs. Winter parking is limited and only by the Big Ring.  There is only room for a maximum of 3 trailers. Please don’t park in front of either Hall. Please contact the office if you require additional parking.

Close & chain main gate if grounds are vacant.


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