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Pet Expo | Saturday, June 1, 2024 | 10am - 4pm

Free Admission 


We are proud to present the second annual Coombs Pet Expo now included under the Coombs Fair umbrella of events. Same event quality you have come to expect from our volunteer team with a new audience, our 4 legged friends.


This just for fun Dog Show invites families and their dogs to participate in a variety of fun competitions. There will be games and activities as well as a silent auction.


All proceeds are in support of the annual Coombs Fair and the Arrowsmith Agricultural Association. We will also be working with the PQB District 4-H dog project.


*10:00 AM** - **Registration Opens**

*11:00 AM** - **Musical Sit**: Watch as dogs compete to sit the quickest when the music stops!
*11:15 AM** - **Egg & Spoon Race**: Canine and handler team up to keep an egg balanced on a spoon while racing to the finish line. How well does your dog walk on leash?
*11:30 AM** - **Quickest Sniffer**: Dogs race to find hidden treats using only their noses.
*11:45 AM** - **Fastest Retriever**: Speedy dogs show off their fetching skills in this fast-paced event.
*12:00 PM** - **Best Biscuit Catcher**: Which dog can catch the most treats in mid-air?
*12:30 PM** - **Temptation Alley**: Can your dog resist the ultimate temptation of treats and toys?

*1:00 PM** - **Jr Showmanship Demo**: Young handlers demonstrate their skills showmanship.

*1:20 PM** - **Junior Handling Competition**:
- **10 & Under**
- **11-16**
- **Adult**

**2:00 PM** - **Specialty Classes**:
- **Loveliest Lady**: Celebrating the most beautiful female dogs.
- **Handsomest Fella**: Showcasing the most handsome male dogs.
- **Golden Oldie (8+)**: Honoring our senior canine friends, 8 years and older.
- **Cutest Puppy**: The most adorable pups take the stage.
- **Mystery Mutt**: A fun class for our mixed-breed friends.

- **Best In Show**: The top dogs from each class compete for the ultimate title!

**3:15 PM** - **Costume Classes** Best Dressed Dog and Best Dressed Duo’s.

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