Local 4-H Classes

Open to Parksville-Qualicum 4-H ONLY

Due to limitations from COVID-19, 4-H Classes are only open to our local Parksville-Qualicum 4-H Clubs this year. Other clubs please check back next year!

ENTRY FEE:  None (unless specified).

For 2021 (due to COVID) 4-H classes are only open to our local Parksville-Qualicum 4-H Clubs. Current year registered projects only.
Judging uses the Danish system, except where noted.
“Local 4-H” achievement classes are available provided the Fair Secretary is notified at least 30 days in advance.
Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goats, Cavy and Swine to be on the grounds by 9:30 pm on the Friday prior to the Fair.
Poultry to be caged between 3-9 pm on Thursday.
All animals must be fitted and shown by the 4-H member.  Help with fitting or showing will result in loss of prize money.
No early departures with animals (see p. 6, Exhibit rule #24).
Limited amount of bedding will be available.
Initial bedding will be supplied. More straw available for purchase. Hay will be available for purchase also.
Showmanship order may change at show time.
All registered 4-H participants will be issued a wrist band to be worn over the two days of the fair.  Anyone without a wrist band must pay entry gate fee
All swine, goats, cattle and sheep must have a government I.D. tag. 
*See p. 3, Awards Rule #3 at the front of this book.
Entry deadline for all animal exhibit registrations is Thursday, July 29, 2021.
100-139 GOOD

SHOWMANSHIP FOR ALL 4-H PROJECT (JR. INT. SR) JUDGED AS FOLLOWS (unless alternate specific payment):
PRIZE MONEY:  1st - $5.00     2nd - $3.00     3rd - $2.00

PRIZE MONEY:  1st - $10.00     2nd - $8.00     3rd - $6.00
B1.     Junior Beef Showmanship, 9-11 years
B2.    Intermediate Beef Showmanship, 12-13 years
B3.     Senior Beef Showmanship, 14 years and up
Champion Beef Showmanship
B4.     Unit II - Fed calf
Champion and Reserve Rosette
B5.    Young beef, either male or female under 12 months – Unit I
B6.     Angus Breeding Heifer - Unit III 
B7.    Hereford Breeding Heifer - Unit III 
B8.    Other breeds, Breeding Heifer - Unit III 
B9.    Beef Cow with calf at heel, nursing - Unit IV
Champion and Reserve Rosette
(top in classes B1, B2 & B3 compete) - ROSETTES

PRIZE MONEY:  1st - $5.00     2nd - $3.00     3rd - $2.00
Entry form must indicate breed & variety, bantam (BTM) or standard (STD), for all classes.
P1.    Beginning Poultry Husbandry & Showmanship
   a) young trio, not necessarily purebred
   b) young purebred trio
   c) 1-3 caged or game birds
P2.     Poultry Breeder:  young trio or hen with chicks
P3.     Replacement Stock: young trio and old trio
P4.     Poultry Raising:
    a) layer, 3 dozen eggs
    b) hatchery, 6 chicks
    c) raising meat birds, 1 bird or records
P5.     a) Layer Production: 1 bird or pictures, 3 doz. eggs & records
    b) Meat Production: 1 bird or pictures & records
P6.     Poultry Breeder: (Sr. Management) 2 trios
P7.     Market: (Sr. Management) records
P8.     Layer: (Sr. Management) layer records
P9.     Advanced Skill, self determined
P10.    Junior Poultry Showmanship, 9-11 years
P11.    Intermediate Poultry Showmanship, 12-13 years
P12.    Senior Poultry Showmanship, 14 years and up
P13.    Poultry Fitting: team of two per club. Each team will be given a bird to prepare for show. The bird will have to be washed, rinsed, dried and fitted within an allotted time, then shown. Each club will be responsible for their own wash tubs, blow dryer and fitting equipment.
P14.    Poultry Interclub: One entry per club. 4 birds well fitted, 4 handlers. Birds to be posed side by side on the table and shown as per the request of the judge. Members to be in club outfits.

Members to display their fibre arts articles as per the 4-H Fibre Arts Regulations. Actual articles must be exhibited.
PRIZE MONEY:  1st - $5.00     2nd - $3.00     3rd - $2.00
F1.     Junior showmanship (9-12)
F2.     Senior showmanship (13-19)
F3.     Spinning:    a) Junior     b) Senior
F4.     Weaving:     a) Junior     b) Senior
F5.     Knitting or Crocheting:    a) Junior     b) Senior
F6:     Felting:    a) Junior     b) Senior
F7.     Recycled Fibre Item:    a) Junior     b) Senior

PRIZE MONEY:  1st - $5.00     2nd - $3.00     3rd - $2.00
ALL prints are to be appropriately mounted (on Bristol or Poster Board)
Photos may be colour or black and white

Unit 1 Classes: Display 1 4x6 print of each of the following:
PH1A.     an animal
PH1B.     a person
PH1C.     a close up photo of a plant
PH1D.     one picture shot from a worm’s eye view
PH1E.     use of leading lines
PH1F.     texture
PH1G.    framing

Unit 2 Classes:  Display 1 4x6 print of each of the following:
PH2A.     5 photos of different environmental and weather conditions such as: Rain Fog Clouds Sunrise, etc.
PH2B.     3 animal photos

Unit 3 Classes: Display 1 4x6 print of each of the following:
PH3A.     an animal                        
PH3B.     shadows                        
PH3C.     reflections                        
PH3D.     macro photo
PH3E.     wide-angle photo
PH3F.     backlighting
PH3G.     water droplets    
PH3H.     low light situation 

Unit 4 Classes:  Display 8 4x 6 prints of the following:
PH4A.     photos with the topic “This is My B.C.”
PH4B.     4 photos with the topic “This is 4-H”

Unit 5 Classes: Display the following:
PH5A.     One Photo Journalism Board displaying 5 or more pictures.

Other 4-H project classes may be added by request and at the discretion of the fair board.
Entry forms MUST be received by Thursday, August 5.