Coombs Country Christmas Craft Fair 2017

When:     Saturday December 2, 2017 and Sunday December 3rd, 2017

Where:   Arrowsmith Activity Hall.

Set-Up:   TBD

For more information, please download the Vendor Application:

Vendor Application 2017

This is a craft fair, so preference will be given to local artisans and crafters that personally manufacture their own products or produce the raw materials that go into them. Some skill or artistry should be demonstrated to create added value to the finished product for sale. Vendors should submit photos of their work with their application (or by email, preferably). Vendors will be selected based on the quality of their goods, when their application is received, and to ensure that a balance of different products is represented at the fair. All products should be of professional quality and priced appropriately at a retail for-profit price (no dumping or selling goods at the cost of the raw materials).

Vendors of locally-grown seasonal plants, floral arrangements, cut holly or boughs for wreath making, or finished wreaths would be a welcome addition to the craft fair.

A limited number of food vendors selling baking, preserves or other home-made goods may also be admitted. Food vendors must adhere to the Guideline for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets, including documentation from VIHA for any high-risk food products (preserves, dairy, eggs, meat). All food must be properly packaged for sale and not for immediate consumption. Please include documentation with your application

Note the new contact information in the Application